But they don’t wave

Who was I four years ago? If you wanted to know that, The best way to learn that would have been to look at my Ipod.

When I was in ninth grade. I had just started a new life in Philadelphia. My family was on the rocks and all I listened to was Pearl Jam. I listened to Yellow ledbetter over a thousand times. My IPod is the only one who ever listened to that song as much as I did.
The summer of ninth grade my Ipod and I fell in love with Mars Volta. Mars Volta was the most unifying music that Tommy and Alex and I had ever experienced.  That summer covered in Mars Volta we invited Andreas into our lives and the rest is history.
In late August I went to Japan and began listening to Japanese music. My Ipod became my Japanese teacher. She and I listened to learning Japanese audio books together. I spent tenth grade listening to Mars Volta, Japanese bands, and Pearl Jam.
The summer going into 11th grade we continued listening to Mars Volta and we were introduced to GOD: David Bowie. I used my IPOD to make every mundane task survivable.
When I went to Japan. My Ipod became my closest link to America and my musical past. Music took on a new importance to me. I remember listening to gallons and gallons of music in Japan.  It expanded my horizons and listening to the music of my young American past.
Coming back to America, We all found Modest Mouse. Nothing was stronger than the way we loved Modest Mouse. It was clearer and more desperate than the Mars Volta.
Be for Tommy left I remember him saying to Alex on my couch, ”

Daddy Daddy sing me Truckers anthem”.
My companion through the mountains and valleys has left me. My Ipod was erased and all the music and photos are gone. The only way to get those songs back would be to go back in time.
I will remember my buddy


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