About Dubai

“Cold Mexican Ceramic Tile”

You may not, nor should you any reason remember that I used to, like many Americans who flip through those news magazines, think Dubai was cool. A group of caravan warlocks elected a king who reigned over an arid land of sand and vultures, only to find that he and his people were sitting on an explosive amount of wealth.
When my mother was born, not even, when my sister was born Dubai was still Arabian tundra. However, through the malignant gift of capitalism Dubai has emerged as a new oasis of wealth and extravagance. Those wack-jobs in Dubai made a building that twists (not spins), islands in the ocean shaped like a palm tree, and were planning on constructing a building which would have a viewing deck above the clouds. Dubai with its extreme excess was a stone’s throw away from becoming the new Babylon. With its highest spenders sitting above the clouds in the new tower of Babel.
There is something unnatural about Dubai that is humorous to me. That acrid emirate where it was built has no land suitable for building a city. The caravans, that organically emerged as the economy of Dubai, were all the land could willingly support. The UAE is a nation that is choking with sand, everywhere but Dubai sand lingers. However, due to miraculous wealth and invention, the masterminds of Dubai who planned the city were able to sweep the ever-encroaching sand away from Dubai. Even to this day, If the municipal government of Dubai doesn’t constantly sweep the streets the city will be buried/dusted again in nomadic sand.
With the cancerous spending of the 20th century coming to a close with the global economic crisis the future of Dubai is shacking, and as the nervous investors are cutting their luxuries, they are leaping AWOL from the caravan city. The dream is ending for the King of Dubai (UAE) as the sands are starting to retake the city one grain at a time.
I wonder if this is the same thing that happened to Egypt. The pharaoh with his money slapped nature across the face with a fist full of cash and stamped a city where none could be maintained. Then when the conspired world of wealth of the Pharaoh vanished nature came and buried the city of arrogance under sand. I wonder if digging up the remains of a lost civilian is meant to teach us a lesson about poor urban planning and arrogance.
This brings me to New York.  I don’t think that I can escape this place. I feel like this city is the big brother of Philly and Boston and they are both mimicking their brother’s style of aggressive bullying.

I can’t escape: I used to love the constant smell of smoke and squalor, but now the sense of adventure is gone and the smell is naked. There is no escaping the asphyxiating air. Central park doesn’t have fresh air. It is a mind game that the defeated victims of New York, New Yorkers, play on themselves to think that fresh air could possibly come through their windows.

I think that I am good in a crowd. This an odd thing to think of yourself, but I am pretty good at shutting up my senses and lemming my way through a place. I just ruffle like a trash bag and bounce off whatever unexpected body I hit or car that tempts me. I have been a trooper of surrendering personal space for urban mobility. However, NYC just bothers me, I think that New Yorkers and tourists-alike make terrible walking-mates for any sidewalk. I blame myself and the sick people who imagine that people as arrogant as Americans are capable of living in a city.
I was going go on with my ideas about New York, but it’s a waste of time. The main point is that, without a need for evidence, Americans are poor at living next to someone else.  For all reasons large and small.

I wonder when New York when be graciously destroyed by Godzilla.


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