Journal 18: A Strange Dream


Australia and Australian culture is not too different from America. Britain had a more unique culture than Australia does. Since I am acquainted with British culture, Australian culture seems like a watered down version of that. I was expecting Australia to be more British, yet it seems much more American than London was, I think Australian culture has been diluted with diet Coke. I know I am in a new country but, apart from the flora and fauna which scream that they were not born to fit the uniformity of first world urbanity, I feel like I might just be in an American city.  In Sydney, their culture is just a British dialect of my own.

Surprisingly Australia isn’t that far away from America. Papua, Tonga, and Tahiti are geographically closer to the United States but culturally they are alien. Since we feel so naturally at home here in Sydney, Luke and I both have agreed that this feels like a strange dream.

I feel like I am in America but all my friends and family have vanished. Vanished behind fourteen hours. I feel as though I just woke up one day and everyone was gone. I don’t feel like I have gone away, I feel as though you have all just vanished.

Something is different here, the Earth. I was working out outdoors this evening. Standing on top of the school building I get a panoramic view of the city. The clouds were thick with a heavy dark gray. Rain was pitter pattering across the city and a hundred bats were droning through the sky. The sun must have been just about to set because for a moment the thick clouds seemed almost dark red. I was out of breathe from working out and I just stared up at the storm clouds with my mind spinning. I thought to myself, on the ground I have seen it all before but in the sky is something new. The land is something I have never seen before.

Once I leave this city I think I will experience things that are like nothing I’ve ever experienced.




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