Journal 20: Quaker Meeting


I had attended Quaker meeting every week for six years during middle and high school. The meeting itself meant little to me then. Two Octobers ago my high school teacher, who was living in London, took me to the Quaker meeting in London. I hadn’t been in two years and I guess I sort of liked it. Then later that year I took my friends Becca and Jackie to a Quaker meeting and they too enjoyed it. I meant to attend a meeting in Boston but never got around to it.

Since I am looking to get involved in a community in Sydney I decided to go visit the Quakers in Sydney. So this Sunday I went to the meeting. There were only 24 people in the meeting. Maybe four of them were under fifty. I had to introduce myself to them after the meeting was over. They were pleased to meet someone from Philadelphia, as they called it “The Quaker City”.

I made acquaintances with a 23 year old guy named Darius. It was also his first time there. He wasn’t a Quaker at all. He was an Australian of Iranian descent. He and I walked to the train station talking about Bruce Springsteen and travel. He told me he would go to the next meeting and I told him I’d go too. I might make an Australian friend… we’ll see

Darius and Deren broke the ice well. I approached him and said, “ I see you have thick eye brows like me and both our names start with D”. From then on we made conversation and found we might have even more in common.

I’m going to go meeting again next week and see what else I come across.  For those who don’t know what Quaker meeting is here is a video.



2 thoughts on “Journal 20: Quaker Meeting

  1. Man, I love it when stuff like that happens at Meeting.

    Of course, for the most part, nobody outside watching could actually see it….


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