Entry 29: Dress the Part


Clothing has been on my mind because it has been getting me into a pickle. Lets begin with my last week in America.

My father gave me a very nice matching track suit. The jacket of the suit has large Manchester United insignias and letters on it. In America no one cares about Futbol so wearing it doesn’t bother anyone. I knew that Australia’s regional football clubs aren’t much to talk about so I was pretty certain that wearing my Manchester United jacket in Sydney would go over well. I hoped I would fly under the radar.

The jacket

The Jacket

Since it is my only jacket I have no choice but to wear it when I go out. Two people have stopped me to ask me about “Man U” and talk sports with me. At the airport a security guard was especially nice to me and even showed me his own “Man U” phone cover. A handicapped man stopped me on the street once and told me his theories about the future of Man. U.  This attention has been good,however not all the attention is friendly.

I’ve had three people shout to me that, “You Suck” and one guy who followed me a few paces to make sure that I heard him when he reminded me that I’m loser for wearing the jacket. Last night as I was headed to a street festival, where I was certain to encounter mobs of drunk people, I decided to wear my jacket inside out. Thinking that I had fooled the drunk masses I walked along confidently. To my surprise someone shouted at me,” Hey Mate your Nike symbol is backward (it appears backwards because it was inside out)” Then they told me that my jacket must be fake and that I was poor. I just laugh whenever people mention anything. This jacket has gotten me so much attention. Both good and bad.

There is something I am turning my attention to. I need to dress well for work. I went out to buy new shoes but decided instead to polish my old ones. I even went as far as to wash the shoe laces in the sink. I was surprised to see that the water ran black when I squeezed the laces in the sink. I went to a pet store and bought a few lint rollers to clean my clothes on the spot. Work will start on Tuesday and I’ve got to dress the part of a paralegal assistant. So I’m making some necessary wardrobe adjustments.

Playing the part

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