Entry 31: Where Does Deren Work?

Where Does Deren Work?

I have been placed at my request at a large law firm in the centre of Sydney’s financial district. The firm occupies 20 floors of an enormous skytower [skyscraper].The firm is one of the three largest in Australia. It employs 2,000 people. It has four branches in other major cities across Australia. It also has a branch in the city-state of Singapore. Singapore is the nearest commonwealth nation to Australia after New Zealand. It goes without saying that the firm’s cliental are big names. The company my father works for in The States is represented by this firm in Australia.


I am working in the Intellectual Property and Patents department. The majority of the people in my department are under thirty. I work on the 25th floor of the tower at a cubical in the centre of the office.  Two lovely secretaries flank my cubical. These two women have showed me much patience and kindness. I have a computer, work phone, and a company Email address. I also have a special card to access the lifts [elevators] and the photocopier.

There is a small kitchen near the end of the office where I have tea, coffee, and a refrigerator. There is also a George Foreman Grill there which use to grill my Ham and cheese sandwiches.  There is a window near to my cubical from which I can look out until Sydney. Most importantly there is a jar of cookies a few paces from my desk, which I frequent quite often.

I can’t be entirely certain what my actual work will be. I haven’t been officially trained to use the Firm database. My formal training begins on Monday. So far I have organized files, run documents to the court to assist in on going cases, and made pleasant conversation with my co-workers. I am told that soon I will be debriefed on confidentially and be allowed to work directly on an open case.

Australian Court seems quite different from a US court. In Australia the barristers wear robes in the courtroom. The Judge wears a white British wig. In some cases both the barristers and the judge wear wigs. Barristers can’t walk around the courtroom like in Law & Order. Barristers also must stand at their seat whenever speaking to a Judge. For this Reason barristers have very strong gluteus maximus muscles. When someone enters the courtroom they are expected to bow to the judge. If the Judge is not present then they are expected to bow to the Coat of Arms on Australia. The Coat of Arms is a visage of a Kangaroo and an Emu.

Over all I am very excited to be working with such friendly people. I have already decided to get my lovely secretary friends, both over forty, flowers to show appreciation for their guidance. My co-workers are young and at times hip. I over heard on of the barristers say to another, “I’m gonna wear my Ray-Bans to court tomorrow to be Indie”. This barrister is especially trendy; he wears leopard print spectacles to court and about. In Australia one studies law right after high school and can have graduated with a law degree by the age of 22. For this reason the general age of the professionals is younger. Although there is an air of relaxation between the co-workers the office is highly professional. This firm couldn’t be as successful as it is without consisting of highly motivated individuals.  When I drive deeper into my work I will tell you all more.

3 thoughts on “Entry 31: Where Does Deren Work?

  1. Now, I know where you are! It looks an excellent place for you to acquire some work experience. Good luck!!!

  2. Aww your broken finger! I hope it heals soon. xoxo. I hope you gain feeling in it again and it doesn’t harm your headstands ever again. KBye!


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