Donate to Japan

Dear Friends,

I have decided to make a contribution to the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. I have modest means, however the law firm I work with will sponsor donation matching. Whatever amount of money I give the Australian Red Cross, the firm will give the same amount of money as well. If you would like to donate to the Japan Relief Fund and have your contribution doubled then I have a brilliant plan. If you donate money to my PayPal account by March 21st. I will submit that money along with my own donation through the office and we can double our donation. To contribute to the Paypal account click the “Donate” tab in the top menu or the “Donate” link at the bottom of this post. Close family and friends can donate simply by promising to re-emburse me. We can only match donations submitted before March 23rd. I’m setting a deadline of March 21st to be certain all goes well. I will E-mail a receipt of donation after it is submitted. I will also Email a confirmation from the firm that the donation has been matched.

Here is a link to view the Freehills Foundation Gift Matching Policy

and then

Donate Now

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