Entry 34: Donation Results

Thanks to the charity of my family, biological and extended, we have raised and donated 900 U$D to the Australian Red Cross’s Japan Relief Fund. This sum includes the firm’s donation-match. I had not expected such generosity. However, time and time again my family impresses me.

Today I spoke with one of my host mothers. She told me that although her family lives far from the tsunami’s devastation and the earthquake’s affects the sense of panic in the country is chaotic.People fearing nuclear melt down and the looming after shocks of the quake have horded food and supplies. Panicking people have emptied entire grocery stores. Now the more vulnerable members of society, the elderly and the handicap, are unable to buy the necessities that they need. The rush on provisions has made another crisis for the people. To make matters worse fears of contaminated food supply haunt the public. This chaos only makes now an even for important time to donate.

Donation Spectrum

(Firm’s Donation Match receipt will not come until later. However, they confirmed that they received our donation.)

One thought on “Entry 34: Donation Results

  1. I’m really proud of you and your donors. I hope the best for everyone in Japan. It seems that as soon as a disaster strikes one place, another one quickly follows. It’s a cycle of life that teaches us to cherish every second.


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