Entry 41: The Sorority Life

JailBird Sign

At Yakka[work] there are three distinct tribes of people who share my struggle through the concrete jungle. First is the senior secretaries whom I sit next to in the thick forest of cubicals. The senior secretaries teach me how to hunt through file cabinets, start fires with twigs, and how to scavenge for cheap tucker [food] through the savage canteen [cafeteria]. They are the tribal elders and I appreciate their wisdom.

The second tribe of people is not those I work with, but those we work for; the lawyers. They are a busy clan of people. They seem caught in a cyclone[hurricane] of minding their own matters. They volley passing smiles at me and we wag chins [chitchat] occasionally. Recently I haven’t had much busy work in the office. I spend most of my day writing term papers for Uni, writing Emails, and drafting blog entries.

The last tribe of people is undoubtedly my favorite mob [group]. They are the recent law graduates. Three twenty some thing year old young chicas who cohabit a shared three person office. They are roughly my age and welcome my far-fetched humor.Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the arvo[afternoon], I go to sit in their work room for about twenty minutes. We make jokes and watch YouTube. They think I’m a dag [funny person] and I enjoy their company as a well needed break from the monotones drone of the copy machine that is parked behind my cubical.

Recently I made my friendship with the young graduates Facebook official. Before we could take the sacred rite of passage unto Facebook and forever. We developed our own co-ed sorority.


Our sorority is called, “The Jailbirds”. We are named after a drag show which I accidently attended. The stipulation to join was that the sheilas[girls] must present me with food. I received a cheese burger, a can of beans, and a tangerine as annual dues. We have created a sorority greeting. When I walk into the shared office I shout to my sisters, “G’Day Jailbirds” and like the angels respond to Charlie they affectionately respond with “Emilio!” (A joke one of the girls derived from the movie Night at the Roxbury). We have a secret handshake. We have an official song, “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John [Olivia Newton John is Australian]. We have a sorority charity, Children First. We have a division of labor across the sorority. I was elected sorority Librarian, the other positions include Pirate, Accountant, and Mascot. Finally like all great affinity groups we have an ancient secret that is too wild to mention on the internet.

Australia doesn’t have sororities or fraternities so my sisters think our creation of a sorority is a strange Americanism. My light-hearted attempt to organize our sisterhood is providing us with plenty of inside jokes. Our “sorority” is no more than a set of inside jokes and doesn’t extend beyond a Facebook thread that includes the four of us.

The reason I’m telling you about this sorority is because I finally made Australian friends. I have convinced the Jailbirds to accompany me on trips to the post office and for coffee breaks, we attended the Firm drinks event together, and they have insisted that we have a sorority wide farewell lunch for me next week when I leave Freehills.

  The Creation of the First Sorority in Australia will be My Legacy

3 thoughts on “Entry 41: The Sorority Life

  1. Awww you’re a ladies man… or man lady. PS your new picture of the fuzzy cute squee Koala makes me go awwwwwwwwwwww inside. awwwww!!!! So cute. ::HappyFuzzyThoughts:: teehee


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