Entry 42: Live Positive

I think that I have learned a vital lesson this country had to offer me. 

“Focus on the Positive”

Since the beginning of my young adulthood I have been on a path to better myself. I want mental and physical improvement. On the mental side I have abandoned the idea of arguing. I know from a lifetime of experience that arguments are fruitless and destructive. The reason I am able to avoid arguing is because I quickly forgive the wrongs of myself and others. I never forget what happened, but I refuse to carry anger over it. This refusal to carry anger has made it so I literally begin to laugh when people are angry with me. I’m not there yet, but I’m training myself to be immune to anger. What does this have to do with Australia?

Although I am still interested in the field of law I have concluded that it would be against my nature to make a career of arguing small details. I was interested in law because in my American law internship we helped protect a child from physical harm. I think the protection of people is more attractive to me than the general practice of law.

Throughout my life I have been attracted to conflict resolution on the international stage. I think that I have decided that I would be most interested in a career around the topics of peace and stability. I think I will start with low-level work with an NGO like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch and move into a professional career within larger peace operations in the UN, the World Bank, or the US State Department (irony). My strength is communication. If I focus my strength on conflict resolution I could do a lot of good while using my skills. If I can work on a campaign that stops violence for at least one day then I will have saved lives and accomplished something worth my efforts.


My path to improvement isn’t only mental it is also physical. One year and one month ago I began to workout. I started to work out because it built up my confidence. My confidence has grown far more than my muscles. Today I finished the 2nd phase of my Insanity  workout program. I’m proud of myself, and ready to move on to the next challenge. The workout program was focused on lean muscle and strength. Most of the results are invisible because a photo can’t capture will power and agility.

March 2010 – April 2011

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Australians are culturally optimistic. They focus on how great life is already. They eat, play, and “get sun” everyday. They have long vacations and they put a pretty strong emphasis on enjoying life. Americans and Northern Europeans may view the Australian lifestyle as naïve and unambitious, because Australians are so content. However, Australians have found a way to appreciate life, and not to focus on their longing for more than what they’ve got.

I’ve never lived among such optimistic people and it has rubbed off on me. I had spent too much time focusing on how I wanted things to be and I hadn’t really focused on how wonderful they are already. I’ve got to train myself to aspire for better while appreciating how great it is already. I think that if I can synthesize Aussie Optimism and American Ambition I can create an amazing life for myself. One where my ambitions will provide abundantly and my optimism will shine a silver light around any storm cloud.

A satire of Aussie Optimism is below and well worth watching



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