About to Sail

Graduating university marked the end of a sixteen-year journey down a river.  When University ended, the river fed into a great ocean of chance and opportunity. Unlike the River in the Ocean one must know when to sail, drift, paddle and bail.

In Japan, I drifted. I floated in calm waters and assessed the Seas ahead. I decided that the journey of my life would be one determined by reading nature’s cues to sail and drift. Hopefully this will bring me somewhere marvelous on the planet and in my heart.

So now at the end of the Sea of Japan, I see that it is time for me to sail into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. With faith I soon set sail for India and beyond.

On the way to India, just before sailing, I will make one last drift through Southeast Asia.  Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and finally in Bangalore. In each I will be visiting a friend (except in Kuala Lumpur)




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