2014: India, Nepal, and Beyondistan

I learned wonderful lessons in 2013. I think that I inspired a few good things too. I measure myself by the good I inspire in others. During Summer 2012, I helped a Nepalese friend research Australian Immigration. He was unable to emigrate, but he took the things we learned and gave them to his son. Now his son is a student at an Australian University. To go from rural Nepal to Australia is an enormous leap. I like to think that I made a modest impact.

I also helped my friend move to Japan and another friend move to Australia. I don’t inspire people, I move them. These have been the things that I am most proud of in 2013.

In 2013 I am happiest about Japan leaving with even more love and optimism than when I arrived. I closed the Japanese chapter knowing that growth comes from the Rain and the Sun.

The dreams for 2014 have slipped into my heart. I feel closest to God when I listen to music. Maybe that is why I always go back to music. In the trance of the chants and exotic sounds of Indian music my mind rests and churns. I have decided firmly to ascend into Nepal for three months after India. I will visit my friend’s village, trek in the Himalayas, and volunteer at a charity school in Kathmandu. I want to start my own English and Math school for girls in my friend’s village. I know I will string together more plans to fill the remaining nine months of the year. Until then, I am certain Nepal is my ambition.

whether or not to you act on ambition, decides the story of your life.



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