When the Elephants Dance

Here is footage of the Japanese man who set himself on fire in protest of Japan’s re-militarization; a pending decision that will irrevocably change Asia’s equilibrium. In my opinion, with the withdrawal of US influence globally we are entering a multi-polar and hence Neo-nationalistic era. Evidence in European governments hard turn right, the Asian islands disputes, and Russia’s expansion under the guise of “patriotic liberation”.

I foresee a multi-polar future with large elephants (US, Russia, China, etc) dancing recklessly with our world to the clashing beat of their own drums. As the Filipino proverb warns, “ when the Elephants dance, the Chickens get squashed”. The music is just beginging. The dance floor is cautiously empty waiting for the right song. We, the little people, will be the Chickens of the 21st century if we don’t start screaming aloud enough for the DJ to change the music, before the Elephants can bust a move.


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