Sydney was surreal. I felt like a distant relative coming back to visit friends and walk down his old memory lanes. Looking over the lights on the ferry ride into the city, I remembered my 21-year-old self. It was nice to realize that my humor, optimism, and love was still with me and was now keeping company with a bit more maturity and patience in a heart that has only grown bigger in the last four years.

While in Sydney, I had the touching opportunity to meet with friends, professors, and former co-workers. Their greetings made the week feel much like a homecoming.

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My goal in 2014 was to focus my experiences and GRE score to get into Penn for graduate school to study Educational Development. Just an hour before my first skydive, I received the humbling news that I had been accepted.


The fondest part of the visit was of course seeing my sister and father. In the company of loved ones, no matter where on Earth, I feel at home. It was nice to dyslexically guide them through Sydney and catch-up on our overdue family nonsense. It was great for my eldest sister and I, separated by a seven-year age gap, to know each other as young adults. These will be a fond memories for the three of us, when we quizzically look back and ask, “ Do you remember when we were in Sydney?”


On route to Vietnam, I stopped over in Bangkok for five days. Bangkok was the first stop when I left Japan in 2013. Since there is a high possibility of interning in Bangkok in 2016, I thought it would be wise to have a look around. Bangkok, congested urban sprawl, was sweetened by the precious time I spent with new and old friends.

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I look back at the last two weeks and feel blessed

One thought on “Sydney

  1. Beautiful story, but let me first give you my intense congratulations on getting accepted. It’ll be weird for you to be a ‘student’ again, but I wish you all the best.
    When are you going to bless me with an ‘insanity check up’ trip?


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