Sydney with Canan: February 2015

This morning Canan and I woke up and had coffee. Then we went back to the room and she prepared for the day. Then we went to Circular Quay to see the Sydney Opera House. Then I took her to the Botanical Garden. She got a bit tired and sat on a blanket in the grass. Then she and I took a train and bus to the Bondi Beach. We had lunch before going to on the Cliff Walk. Then we went to walk along the cliffs on the beach. Canan really enjoyed this part of the day and was very impressed with the waves crashing on the cliffs. So was I. We went to a Tamarama and Bronte Beach, but she was afraid to go in because the waves were too big.  So we sat and watched the waves until almost sunset. Then we took a bus back to the hostel.  We were pretty tired and we went to eat Thai food. This was really nice and then we walked around the city at night for a bit. Canan really enjoys nature the most, its nice to see her in awe of Sydney’s beaches.

This morning we woke up and we went to have coffee in the attached Cafe. I’m on a mission to get as much free coffee as possible. Then we took a bus into the city to see Hyde Park and to find the place where they pick us up for skydiving. I was really dyslexic about the building number and took us to 139 instead of 159, we quickly found the right place and drove for about an hour to the field. There a big guy named Camrin took me up in a plane and we fell out of it. I really really wanted to dive, so I was really efficient in getting it done. No questions asked. Being in a small plane was an amazing experience. The dive was intense. I closed my eyes during the freefall and I had my mouth open because I went know I should close it. We didn’t have much instruction before the jump. The parachute part was also very cool. I like that very much to be drifting so high up.  We landed and I thanked Carmin. Canan and I had to stay at the field for another two hours while we waited for the other people to jump. Then we took the company shuttle back to Sydney. Today, I also got into Penn and I was so happy about that because that is something I really wanted and needed for my life. I was so happy because that took me a year to decide, apply, and wait for. So it was a major blessing for me to do that. After we arrived back in Sydney, I emailed my recommenders and called Mom. Then Canan and I took the bus to the pier to meet Peter for dinner. I hadn’t met Peter in many years and I did not recognize him at all. He was a nice man and he was a lot like a Norwegianized-American.  He took us to Manly over a ferry through the harbor. Canan really liked Manly beach and the entire area. Peter took us for a very nice dinner in an ocean view resturant. He also ordered a few bottles of wine with the meal. Which was great. Then three of us took the ferry back to Sydney from Manly and we took the train to Oxford Street to have a drink. We watched a few people sing some karaoke before we left. Then we walked back to our place and Peter went to the station to go back to his hotel. Today was a great day because I finally met Peter, went skydiving, and got into UPenn. Things I really wanted to do for a long time.

After we checked out of the hostel, I went to the BU Sydney Campus to visit my old professors. We had a roughly 30min chat before I had to go. They were all interested in Educational Development in someway or another. After BU, Canan and I took the bus to the suburb where our AirBnB host is. I left quickly after checking-in because I had to return to the city to see a former co-worker and member of the Jailbirds. I took the bus (30mins) back to the city. I realized that I accidentally took Canan’s phone with me. I saw my co-worker for about thirty minutes and had a quick sandwich. Then I took a taxi back to the suburb. However, Canan was not there so I searched the town’s shops and walked thirty minutes to the beach to find her. I found her and gave her back her phone. Then I took a bus back into the city and once in the city a taxi to the wharf. There I met my friend Connor and together we road the ferry across the harbor to Manly. In Manly, we yet to a brew pub and met Tina his girlfriend. Connor and Tina had traveled with me in both India, Turkey, and now Australia. We spent the entire day in Manly and then I took the ferry back to Sydney. On the ride over I was finally alone and not in a rush. I connected with the 21 year old Deren who lived in the city once before. I listened to the same music took in the same sights and remembered myself. It was touching. I got on to a semi- wrong bus intentionally because I knew I would find my way home. On the bus, I started to talk to a Colombian girl and when the bus stopped she showed me on a map how to walk home. It was a long walk. I sat with her at a Thai food place and drank coconut juice and listened to her talk. I didn’t want to go back soon to our sleepy suburb, which Canan loves. So we talked a bit and then I walked home for twenty minutes.

Today was a hectic day, checking out from the hostel with Canan. Trying to return Canan’s phone, which made me briskly walk for twenty hot minutes in the full heat. Then met my friends and even meet the Colombian was so nice.

Canan and I woke up at eleven and drank coffee and did a load of laundry. Then we walked downhill to Coogee Beach. We stayed on the beach for many hours and had a nice conversation while sitting on the cliffs that over look the water. Canan was still a bit timid to go in the water. After a few sunny hours on the beach we went to the town area, where I ate kebab and Canan got a juice.  Then it was time for me to meet Sazman in the city. Since I don’t have a phone, I told him to meet me at a famous ferry wharf at 8:00 PM. I arrived at 8:20 and he arrived at 9:00. It was nice to see him, because I hadn’t since Turkey (May 2014). He was hungry. I took him on a bus to Darling Harbor. He and I stopped to eat kebabs again, then I walked him to a Starbucks. Then we walked through Chinatown and to my old university building. At about eleven, I took a bus back to where I stay with Canan and he took a taxi to his hotel. The rose for the day was seeing Sazman, even though we just talked about the quality of Starbucks, it was good to see him. I also had a great time at the beach with Canan.

Canan and I woke up and went to the Zoo. She needed to see koalas and kangaroos. Then Canan went to the beach and I went to visit my former co-workers. The new building for Freehills was truly stunning. My co-workers and I had a bit of champagne, cake, and spring rolls, while looking over the city from panoramic windows. I was a bit undressed because I was wearing running shoes. It was nice to see them, they had won the Apple vs. Samsung case that I was following in 2012-13. After that I met Sazman at the pier and I took him to Manly to meet Canan. Then we went to drink for a bit. Finally, we had ice cream and took the ferry back to Sydney. Then Sazman and Canan got into a small spat about how to get home, because of the rain. Eventually we got home, packed and went to bed.

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