Day 7: Trinh & Bromo


Lord, I knew I was getting sick just before I fell asleep on Thursday night. I double socked my cold feet and put on a hat and a double T-shirt. I had light fever dreams about logistics in Indonesia and woke up feeling like hell. Last night after the food I knew it didn’t settle well in my stomach, so I forced myself to vomit it out and prepped for a bad night.

When I got up I was dehydrated and aloof. I moved myself to the front desk to learn the Indonesian word for diarrhea medicine and walk myself to a convenience store to get some medicines. Then I lay in bed for a few hours watching videos of the younger Obama’s. After a few hours, I was feeling better and decided to head to a mall to eat Yoshinoya and Starbucks. No more Indonesian foods for me. On my way to the nearest mall, I came across a submarine open for visitors and so I walked on through it quickly.


Fast Food Recovery

Then I went to Yoshinoya for a Japanese rice and beef bowl and then headed to Starbucks. I still felt out of it, but things improved. After visiting the phone store to check my data plan, I check out and slept in the 1-hour Grab ride to the airport. Once at the airport, I nestled up near a TV and hugged my backpack for comfort while I waited for Trinh to arrive. Trinh arrived seemingly alone with no other disembarking passengers around her. We hugged and ate at Old Town White Coffee – a standard cafe that we’ve been to a bunch in Malaysia.



Driving into the Sky

Then we rendezvoused with our tour guide for the next two days. We slept on our four-hour minivan ride up to Mount Bromo. At first, the ride was ugly with the wet season’s watercolor scheme of vibrant green and smoky cloudy gray painted over the poor people living by the side of the road. The ascent into the volcanic region was beautiful.

Our minivan gradually swirling through helmets and above and through the clouds. When we arrive at our hotel we could see in the distant that we were well above the clouds. A volcano in the distant looked like an island rising out of an ocean of clouds.


To stay warm Trinh and I went to the hotel’s restaurant and drink hot water with ginger, fried bananas, soup, and spaghetti. We are both recovering from an illness and the food did us wonders. We went to bed by 8PM because we have to wake up at 3:30AM to see the sunrise over Mount Bromo.


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