Day 10: Sea Turtles

Save the Planet

This morning we wake up to a buckle of six baby sea turtles. At 6:00AM we walked the little turtles to the beach to let them instinctively scamper into the waves. They are born along on the beach with only one thought, “head for the ocean”. That’s exactly what they did the moment they were released on the sand. Only 1/1000 of them will survive the others will become food for the seagulls and victims of their curiosity nibbling plastic.

Trinh and I were inspired by the scampering little guys confident march into the great unknown. We looked on as seagulls circled hungrily overhead. As new parents of six sea turtle puppies, Trinh and I decided that our motto for 2019 is, “2019, Save the Planet”. We picked up plastic trash from the beach only to learn it would be burned at the campsite later. Burned plastic isn’t better for the environment at all.

We did the reverse 2-hour off-road bouncy jeep ride back to the paved roads and switch back to our minivan with Ferry. Trinh and I clapped when we got back on paved roads. We had a ten-hour drive back to Surabaya ahead of us.

Little notes of the drive, Ferry literally chased an ambulance so he could cut through traffic. I realized that I had miscalculated the value of the Indonesia Rupiah, giving people only $7 tips instead of $10. I already thought my tips were low, but I cringe to realize that they were even lower than I had intended.

Trinh and I sat together in the back of a car for 10 hours and traversed Java. I learned a few things about Indonesia from the ride. This huge “democracy” is littered with political posters for their multiple party elections. The number of road signs and flags made pointless after Election Day will produce tons of plastic trash. The signs are gaudy and message less. They just have an image of the hopefuls’ heads and their ballot number. Also, young people in uniforms of their party’s colors stand around the main intersections collecting money for their organization or I learned to contribute to the local mosque.

We arrived at our hotel and were shuttled up to the 18th floor. We were relieved to bask in our fancy room and shower. We had an underwhelming dinner in the hotel and then went out for a walk to find some better food at a posh grocery store. We came across Whole Foods like market and scrambled around before they closed. We took the snacks up to our room and looked out our window as all over the city different people were setting off fireworks.

Our room had quite a nice view from on high. I was happy that there was something new for us to experience even from our window. We discussed the highs and lows of 2018. Visiting the US and the struggle of each getting new jobs. Then we watched the city explode with fireworks at midnight. There was no central fireworks display from the city government, just everyone and his brother setting off fireworks all over the city.



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