Day 11: Heading Home

Indonesian Food

We woke up in a good mood and made a bunch of jokes as we welcomed the first morning of 2019. Then we went for yet another disappointing Indonesian breakfast! Indonesian food just isn’t good to us. We find it simple and villagey. It is just rice and protein. It seems to lack the refined culinary traditions of Thailand and Vietnam. I couldn’t really get why the birthplace of spices would have such simple foods.

I imagined the lack of an aristocratic snobbery giving patronage to the culinary arts left the food simple. Am I spoiled by Vietnamese food? Whatever it is, the food here isn’t that great to us. Also, this is Java, the home of Java coffee and the coffee is grainy and unremarkable.

Airport Shopping

Trinh and I grabbed to the airport and called my mom to hear them ring in New Year’s around 1019 Sycamore St. through the speakerphone. Then we got some souvenirs at the airport and flew out to Singapore. In the Singapore Airport, we went to Uniqlo and I got a jacket.


I realized that I had been a bit careless by not converting the money better before giving meager tips, I also had put the incorrect arrival date on my Vietnamese visa. I felt a bit bad about my absent-mindedness.

I can’t extrapolate a profound lesson from the trip, just one last thought. To settle a dispute between the English and the Dutch in Indonesia. The Dutch gave the English an island that they had bought for a bag of beads in their new word colony of New Amsterdam – Manhattan.


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