Kilimanjaro Day 5: Friday, February 1st, 2019


We gathered for a carbo-loaded breakfast of crepes, bread, omelet, hot chocolate, Africafe, and Kilimanjaro tea.  I spent the morning talking to Samwele with my endless questions. Jonas made these interview vlogs of us commenting on our climbs. At the time, we thought they were annoying for, but I’m happy we have them now. Then we went to the bathrooms and prepared for the track.

How did we get water? for all but the last camp, there were wells within walking distance of the camps. The camps also had park ranges living in them on rotation for security and logging in and outflows. The porters would fetch water from the wells and then we would drop water purification tablets into our bottles to purify the water and give it – yum yum that drinking pool water taste.

The young man who served us our meals Deo also would ask to use our portable batteries. The portable batteries that seem like an eccentric’s convenience when on flatland are the critical currency (you get it?) on the mountain. I thought about how the porters must run their own small businesses trading in voltage on the mountain top.

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We set out on a four-hour track to the summit of the base camp for Uhuru Peak. Base Camp was at a rather high altitude, on a rocky and windswept terrain. I arrived at camp with a slight headache and slight discomfort in my heart because that night at 11:30 PM, we would start the final 6-hour hike to the Uhuru Peak through the night and up through the snow. Summit night was the distance tough ordeal that I anticipated the entire way to and up Kilimanjaro. We had a big lunch and we talked with Samwele about the summit night from which I think we were all a bit nervous for. I liked that from the camp I could we the distant Mawenzi Peak. The Mawenzi Peak looked like something of out of a haunted fairytale. Before falling asleep around 6PM, Joakim and I packed our backpacks and prepared our many-many layers of clothing for the mid-night trek up.

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