Kilimanjaro Day 6: Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


We woke up in the lash oxygen and forest and had a small breakfast in the dining tent. Then had the tip giving ceremony. We gave the porters their tips and then they sang the Kilimanjaro song for us – which is a wonderful moment for everyone. We had another beautiful hike through the rainforest region towards the main gate. We were cheerful and light-hearted as we were all in good spirits and feeling accomplished with the guides who we felt we had bonded with. We exited the National Park in our Bob-Marley bus we had a two-hour bus ride back to Arusha. It was nice to listen to upbeat African and Reggae music on the radio and look at the rural lives strolling along outside the windows. The Arusha area doesn’t seem too poor, like in the Africa of the movies. I got to the hotel exhausted and had to give back all of the rental equipment that we had borrowed. We hugged Samwele goodbye and I took my first shower after 7 days.

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After a few hours rest, Brian, the owner of the tour group called Mikyung and invited us all to his house for an exquisite meal that he cooked. His house was some kind of palatial garden home, where he dressed in a chef’s hat and apron, and he personally prepared an entire African meal for us. He asked us about the climb and he took down our feedback or improve his service. The road to get to his house was extremely-extremely bumpy and unkempt. The car that we took there we’re not a sports utility vehicles, but a tiny Japanese car. It reminded me of Nepal by how bumpy the roads were. I remember being nervous that the driver who Brian had sent to pick us up was taking us all deep into some small rural neighborhood in Arusha. My suspicions were unfounded because we ended up at a fancy Mansion where we had a fantastic meal.

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