3 Days in Dar: Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

We woke up a bit late, because we had been up late the night before and then I did the dishes from the dinner the night before. Then Joakim and I Ubered to Jonas’ office to eat lunch at a small outdoor restaurant assembled in the alleyway between a building adjacent to Jonas’ office at the WWF.

I finally got to try Ugali, which is like a light dough that was similar to a food in Nepal. After the Ugali and fried chicken, I felt extremely full and sat in Jonas’ office to digest. I talked to Jonas’ African coworker about the color of license plates and then we had some tea and we ubered home.

It’s interesting that as a Swedish employee Jonas’ makes a good salary, but his offices are always NGO quality. Which means unorganized, old, and full of heart. When we got home, I wrote in my journal for two hours, before Jonas returned from work and invited a Swahili teacher to his house for a group lesson.

Man! I loved the group home Swahili lesson. It was awesome to have this and the teacher so good. As a language teacher, I was impressed with how she teaches in a fun and engaging way. I forgot how much I mentally love learning languages. After the lesson, the night took a downturn. Joakim became very ill and I tried to go to sleep early. I washed my clothes in the washing machine and tried to prepare for tomorrow’s outing to Zanzibar.


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