Passport Dashboard

On March 28th, 2020, I updated the dashboard using a new program called Tableau. This hover-over map visualizes my passport data until March 2020.

Conjugating Time: My data dashboard personal project

To pull from the linguist process, I wanted to understand how long I have been outside the USA. It’s a question I guestimate whenever I meet someone new. If I calculate global citizenry with the seven-year duration that is required to be a US citizen, would seven years outside our home make us a “citizen of nowhere”? It’s a laughable idea to lose citizenship after long stays overseas, but in an anti-globalist world, it could “make sense” to someone somewhere somehow. I feel that Americanism is an ingrained feature of my personality. I’m constantly reminded of this as I observe and mull over the worlds around me. Wanting to learn more about creating data dashboards and better understand my movements. I crunched my passport data into this dashboard and discovered these little wonders.

Please click this link to open the fully interactive Dashboard in Google Data Studio


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