Books: On Bullshit Jobs

London School of Economic lecture David Graeber expands on his 1,000,000-views blog post, On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant with a 12-hour audio book on the history of labor, surplus time, class formation, and capital. The book looks at the dark-side of the moon of capitalism in which the confluence of automation and digitization has made most remaining human work a meaningless façade.

The value of much works comes from the useless masses being too busy to think, organize, or improve your life. The book examines what happened to labors since the end of communism and the rise of utterly meaningless white-collar work, student loans, and other forms of entrapment set-up to make the illusion of freedom, while maintaining mandatory servitude. If you have ever thought your job was point, it is supposed to be pointless – so you never really get on to anything else.

David Graeber speaking on the “Bullsh*t Jobs”


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