Books: Elon Musk

Recommend by Jonas Lind, I listened to an audio-biography of the eccentric Elon Musk. I came away from the book pondering how our youth shapes our prioritization of work life or personal life.

Musk’s drive to immigrate to the US from South Africa, to Canada, and then the US was another successful “American as the Promise Land” fairy tale. It left me to wonder how many people living in rich countries, don’t reach their full potential because they aren’t in the US-where venture capital is plentiful.

An impressive thing about Musk is his devotion to working relentlessly on various projects. I wondered if I could ever care about work that musk. I guess that level of drive comes more readily to people working for themselves – and at high stakes. Trinh was griping about work one evening and she said something Muskian, “Maybe this means I’m destine to work for myself”.

Musk is ferocious worker, but not a droning worker bee like mee. Despite leading Space X, Tesla, and SunCity, he still made time, calculated time, for his five kids.

But how can someone have time for everything? Time is the resource that we all have the same amount of. Musk, Gates, Bezos all have the same 24 hours a day that we do.

Reading the book somewhat inspired me to re-evaluate all my work and personal projects as a juggling act. Spending just enough time with each project in order to send its metaphoric ball up, to catch a different project, before tossing another project back into the air, before yet again another one needed me to catch it.

I guess that the key to success isn’t multi-tasking, but the all-consuming meditation of juggling. Imagining myself juggling, this week I piled on two or three new projects onto my workload and kept Trinh and I’s projects moving ahead.

I realized that success for me will be defined by the projects that I choose to juggle. In order to build my projects into results, I will give’m the ol’ backward breakdown into a goal:

Goal: Be a great father

< Give kids best opportunities possible

< Have kids

< Live in the US

< Complete our transition to the US

< Complete all requirements for immigration

< Get a US-based job

< Be a competitive applicant

< Pass the PMP exam

< Prepare for the exam

< Study for three hours on Friday, January 23rd

< Abruptly stop writing this blog to focus on my real goals.


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