Trinh’s dog was murdered

Yesterday Trinh and I learned that her dog was kidnapped, murdered, butchered, and sold to a restaurant and by now presumably eaten.

When Na didn’t come home yesterday, Trinh’s mom went to the dog market and showed the low lives there Na’s photo. They confirmed that they received 18kgs of dog meat from a “butcher” who said he had got the dog from Trinh’s neighborhood.

Trinh was in disbelief that Na was really gone. Trinh left work early and went all around to the places where they keep the dogs before butchering them. This isn’t like a pound or any public office, it’s a bunch of low lives who make money ransoming dogs and selling the meat of those who they couldn’t ransom. At the place, all these dogs are chained to the floor. When they can’t be sold back to their owners the thugs will smash their heads with something heavy – like they probably did to Na.

So what to do?

Pretend she just ran away to hide the ugly truth?
Hate these people who kidnap and kill your pets?
Hate the people who eat dogs?
Pity the poor, because life turned them into murders?
Hate the poor, because they hurt you?

Powerless to change what has passed, Trinh said to me, “I just hope she didn’t die in pain” and ” it’s a part of life”.

She did die in pain. Being murdered isn’t part of life.

2 thoughts on “Trinh’s dog was murdered

  1. THis is fucking crazy. We need to discourage these savages from eating things like cats dogs and bats. YUCK


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