Love in the Time of Corona

Had I known what was coming, I would have rushed into marriage and escaped. Alas, my geriatric slide down the path of least resistance throttled me. What comes next is Trinh and I in lock down in our beautiful and empty apartment. Now all that we’ve planned is deferred.

There are some silver linings among these disappointments. Like my blindly optimistic and neglectful compatriots, I will mention the silver lining in the clouds; for your sake, because you’ve got it worse.

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”

The great John Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lennon

One of my family members in the US is likely to have the virus

This is weird, one of my immediate family members lives with someone who has tested positive and so it should be assumed that they are both positive. What to say about this?

Our wedding is postponed

We had to postpone the wedding because no one would come. Today is one month away from the wedding. Instead of arguing with Trinh about the minutia of who sits where. I’m arguing with the venues to return our deposit. We will use a felt marker to scratch out the date on the invitations we already printed. It is too bad that the wedding couldn’t go forward, I would’ve loved to celebrate my love for Trinh with my friends.

The silver lining is that when we do re-schedule the wedding, we anticipate few people will come and we can have an even more intimate ceremony.

A job I may have transitioned to in the US may have vanished

With most of America worried that Great Again means a Great Depression, finding a job in the US in 2020 would be a double uphill battle. Since being employed in the US is critical to Trinh’s immigration, this hiccup means that we will probably stay in Vietnam longer than we expected.

The silver lining is that there is a chance that my current job will extend for an additional year.

Vietnam is closed and we are headed for a lockdown

If I left, I couldn’t get back in. The US Consulate announced that they are no longer issuing new visas to travelers from Vietnam. When I heard that even the US tourist visas were drying up, I got scared and then eventually settled to hunker down here.

Today the government asked people to stay home, and non-essential businesses closed. Although, I have been working from home since last Friday. Saigon is about to pack-up for two weeks. So the real test is coming for us now.

The silver lining is that Trinh and I can ride out the storm here in our smoky Never-Never Land.

Trinh and I are working from our home

Although this has led to a bit of tension, sitting at the same table with Trinh is a silver lining for me. I feel safe at home. Without the commute, I have time to exercise and call my family before and after work.

The silver lining is I’ve picked up an odd American habit – tanning on my rooftop.

The silver-est lining – video calls

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